As Salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

Welcome to Masjid Elfarouq website. This website is intended to be dynamic and interactive. By dynamic we mean frequently changing and by interactive we mean accessible to the community for contribution and services. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the different sections of the website. The Homepage is where you will find our main announcements through the Calendar Events block on the left and the highlights on the right.  The highlights may announce the khutbahs with links to the khutbah text, the dates and links for the weekend school and any major event or announcement in the Masjid, the website or the Muslim community. The content section of the homepage is for any special announcements or information that we would like you to be aware of.  It may be a brief commentary on a khutbah or a lecture held at the Masjid. It may also include two sections.  

As you go deeper in the website you will find a section on the weekend school where you may download a registration form or the current flier, and join the school email list. The Khutbah Archive is where you can find written copies of old khutbahs. The service section is basically for services offered by the site to the community. The Classifieds section is an opportunity for the community to place ads related to their needs. The Sisters section is intended to be a forum for the sisters in which to post their Islamic views and beneficial contributions. Discussions section is an opportunity for the users to comment on themes already posted or even start a thread of themes that are Islamically based and of special importance to our community. You can also print prayer times schedule from the Prayer Times section and see pictures of our Masjid on the About Us section.

We would like you to become a member of this site. Please create your new account and sign in to change your password and begin participating in the website through its different sections. Please contact us for any idea that you think is useful to our community. Jazakum Allah khair and thank you for visiting elfarouq.org.