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El Farouq Masjid Administrator


   1. skills necessary to develop, lead and constructively work with people of various backgrounds
   2. understand how people function in an organization
   3. excellent communication skills
   4. good computer skills (MS Office, Peechtree)
   5. good managerial skills
   6. bachelors degree is desirable
   7. Arabic language proficiency is a plus

Responsibilities: the Administrator shall be responsible for ensuring the Masjid operations run efficiently and smoothly. 

1. Maintain a well organized filing system

2. Assist the Director and the Imam in the development and maintenance of the Masjid Committees

3. Track and oversee development of Masjid Director and Committee meeting agendas, take meeting minutes and follow up with action items
4. Be responsible for efficient use of Masjid property including:
         1. daily open/close of the Masjid buildings and facilities
         2. directing necessary duties of the custodians
         3. supervising landscaping
         4. supervising utilities usage
         5. updating phone system messages/procedures and keeping them current

5. Maintain Human Resource activities including:

         1. maintain job descriptions for all employees and keep them current
         2. maintain and update personnel files
         3. schedule annual performance review
         4. develop an information repository for volunteers and volunteering opportunities
         5. coordinate volunteer activities

6. Maintain and administer a readily accessible list of Masjid policies, and assist ensuring the policies are followed

7. Receive, sort and open incoming correspondence and draft responses to be reviewed by the Director before sending out (opening incoming mail excludes bank statements that need to be opened by the accountant);
8. Prepare and review with Director all Masjid correspondence and articles

9. Maintain and administer website on a weekly basis, ensure information and content are kept up-to-date

10. Receive and follow up with all incoming calls and voice messages

11. Ensure office, equipment, and machines are maintained, functioning properly and kept clean

12. Work with Masjid Director, Committee and Accountant in determining dispensing of Masjid funds

13. Review orders against delivery notes, purchase orders, invoices, payment of invoices and other expenses on a weekly basis

14. Administer the Masjid Petty Cash, record donations (General Fund, Sadaqa, Zakat, special projects etc) and deposit these donations on a timely basis (generally, cash donations are not to be kept in the Masjid overnight)

15. Send out donation receipts on a weekly basis

16. Respond to Dawah requests on a weekly basis

17. Assist and handle the accommodations of visitor speakers in coordination with the Director and the Imam

18. Ensure Imam’s Khutba is available in English and Arabic (translate where necessary if proficient in Arabic)

19. Plan, manage, and run special events (such as Ramadan Taraweeh prayers, Eid prayers, Eid Festival, special announcements and special activities associated with special events)

20. Assist with the Weekend School activities. In coordination with school principal, maintain students roster and ensure school records are complete (registration forms, payments records and receipts)

21. Be able to work Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

22. Above duties and responsibilities are subject to change at the Director’s discretion


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