Masjid Elfarouq has an opening for a second Imam as per the following qualifications.



    • Fluent in English 

    • Fluent in Arabic 

Islamic Education 

    • Solid knowledge of Islamic Shari’ah, Quran, and tafseer

    • Properly rehearsed in Fiqh (with good experience with contemporary issues that relate to present day US society) 

    • Ability to give motivational Khutbas 

    • Teaching 


    • Good or excellent oratory skills with experience of tasks such as khutbas, lectures, public speaking events, conferences etc 

    • Ability to Raise Funds


    • Experience implementing fiqh in counseling 

    • Family / youth Issues 

    • Couples / Marriage issues

    • Janaza


    • Experience with Non-Muslims 

    • Experience in dealing with first and second generation Muslims 

    • Experience in dealing with Immigrant Muslims


    • Must dedicate majority of time in community/Masjid 

    • Leading prayers 

    • Teaching (fiqh, quran, dawah) 

    • Counseling 

    • Imam should be ambitious to take community to next level by constantly looking at ways the masjid (and Islam as a whole) can appeal to all members of the community 

    • Be active in correspondence with the local and international Mufties with regards to seeking guidance and rulings on contemporary issues