El-Farouq School Summer Camp 2022

Phone: (713)-465-2020

    Email: weekendschool@elfarouq.org


June 13th through July 22nd
10am – 3pm


Welcome back on campus, this summer we will havea6-week camp for kid’s ages 4 years and up. This camp will be Monday through Thursday and it is designed to help your child excel in the following:

  • Quran recitation and memorization
  • Arabic reading and writing
  • Islamic studies


Students will also enjoy the following activities during their time at the camp:

  • Arts & crafts
  • Arabic Nasheed
  • Movies
  • Soccer & basketball


The tuition for the Summer Camp 2022on campus is as follows:


Early Registration Starting April1st until May8th:

  • 1st child: $350
  • 2nd child: $300
  • Additional child: $250

Regular registration will start after June5th:

  • 1st child:  $400
  • 2nd child: $350
  • Additional child: $300



  • The check should be written with an appropriate amount and a full name of the student placed in the memo section. Please make the payment to El Farouq Weekend School. ALL PAYMENTS WILL BE DEPOSITED AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION.
  • If you have any concerns or question regarding payments please direct them to the Masjid El Farouq Administration (admin@elfarouq.org) or 713-465-2020


Tuition and refund Policies

  • You can make tuition payments online or by personal check and money order.
  • Online payment is available with an additional 3% credit fee at this link:

  • Tuition and fees are due before each semester begins.
  • Refund Policy applies to all types of applications
  • Refund only one week after the school started.
  • No refund is possible in the second week of school.
  • The fee for any bounced checks will be $35





  • Monday, 7/4/2022 for the fourth of July.
  • Monday & Tuesday, 7/11/2022 – 7/12/2022. For Eid Al Adha.